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Techniques and Technology

Fracture Scattering Analysis (FSA) uses wavefield scattering to predict naturally occurring fractures from the seismic. No wide azimuth surveys required – this is a 2D line!

What type of automotive mechanic do you trust? Your neighbor’s high schooler likes tinkering on his truck – do you save money & ask him to fix your BMW? Shouldn’t you take your valuable car to an ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician at a reputable repair facility?

Eskaton’s SuperFreeq spectral enhancement helps the interpreter see the subtle high frequencies for better thin bed prospecting

Eskaton’s Noise Reducing PSTM boosts weak, dipping signal for better noisy data prospecting

Land seismic data processing is a lot like having work done on your valuable automobile. You’ve spent a lot of money both on your car & on your seismic – will you really save a few dollars to have a novice take care of it for you? Unless you’re paying top dollar for a large processing project, that big company represented by the perfect smile salesman might be handing off your valuable onshore seismic to an inexperienced junior processor, & how will you explain the low quality results & lack of prospects to your superiors?

5DI can infill bad or missing data, letting the interpreter see what others have missed

5DI also greatly reduces acquisition footprint

To shift metaphors, you don’t just walk in to the dealership & say, “I want a car – it doesn’t matter if it’s a Yugo or a Lexus, all I need is 4 wheels that run on gas.” Yet this is how many treat seismic data processing, as if the processor just inserts the data, hits a big red “processing” button, & then goes off to get coffee. "There you have it – the data are processed!" says the bean counter who knows little if anything about your valuable data. "What more is there to do?! Now, Mr. Interpreter, go find the company some prospects!" Pity the hapless geoscientist whose accounting department drives him or her towards interpretive despair with low priced, low quality seismic!

Eskaton’s Multeliminator removes the multiples so the signal can stack in, giving you a better volume for your interpretation

Poorly conditioned gathers give the same AVO response for a gas well & a tight streak, but proper noise removal makes the gas sand gradient stand out!

A gas sand is weak on the conventional Fluid Factor, but Eskaton’s Enhanced Fluid Factor (EFF) & See2-3 (“see-two-three”) make that AVO anomaly shine!

Others are lured in by a few glitzy commercials or nifty whiz-bang presentations, making their automotive or seismic processing purchase based on propaganda. These are often disappointed by the quality of the products they buy. It turns out that there are many, many different components in both a car & in seismic processing, & attention to every detail is what distinguishes the good from the bad from the ugly. Sure, the fancy new paint job on the seismic may look flashy, but how solid are the basics? A race car driver may be the best on the field, but if his car is not well designed & maintained, he will lose every time. If the seismic processing “mechanic” is not careful about each step, even the best interpreter will lose.

Poor phase matching between merged surveys could lead to erroneous prospects, but Eskaton generates seamless merges

SCORE (Source COherent Reflector Enhancement) improves the shot gathers for better stacks, meaning you’ll get better prospects!

Frequency Extension Processing expands the bandwidth so subtle high frequency traps are more evident to the interpreter

Geometry. Velocities. Statics. Noise reduction. These sound oh so pedestrian in an age of anisotropic RTM, crosswell tomography, & microseismic imaging. But if the basics are not done properly, no amount of hot new technology will backfill the preceding errors; the data will be wrong, & prospects may be lost.

Need to tie your wells to the seismic? Eskaton’s accurate phase controlled processing makes for excellent synthetic ties!

Eskaton’s automatic velocity updating uses every input CDP to ensure flat gathers throughout the survey, producing a superior stack … & that means superior prospects

Anisotropic velocity corrections for a stronger stacked signal that better ties the wells

At Eskaton, we pride ourselves in paying attention to every detail, understanding the client’s needs, & delivering affordable, superior quality products. We do not cut corners to quickly get a paycheck. We want fully satisfied customers who can happily “drive” their land seismic towards profitable prospects. You can save a few dollars with that desperate company full of junior processors; but why would you want to? “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin.

You need Eskaton’s expertise to improve your previous processing

Even ancient 2D data is greatly enhanced by Eskaton’s methods

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