"We have a successful track record of turning poor data into quality images that immediately impact drilling decisions."

Why should I consider Eskaton Seismic as my seismic data processing provider?

We eliminate the hurdles of dealing with a larger processing company. Our dedicated senior experts deliver timely communication and efficient project turnaround. You will always have the same person dedicated to your project, each with over 25 years of experience in the world of seismic processing. Our customer focused approach enables us to deliver a superior image in the most difficult environments, thereby helping you to generate quality prospects.

Can Eskaton Seismic provide me rapid turnaround on my high priority exploration project?

Yes, Eskaton Seismic has the ability to meet the expectations of any type of project in the most expeditious fashion. We are sure you don't want your data processing to slow down you ability to make the most critical drilling decisions.

Does Eskaton Seismic offer depth imaging?

Eskaton Seismic has chosen specific alliances with providers who address the need for depth imaging. We trust these providers to deliver the same level of high quality images that you expect from Eskaton.

Why is Eskaton Seismic based in North Carolina?

Seismic data processing concentrates on the art of software science and all that modern technology affords us. Due to the benefits of modern communication, we can consistently keep the dialogue with the interpreter flowing without having to be physically operating at one of the hubs of exploration and production in the US. We are always open to face-to-face meetings or any other type of engagement to address the needs of our clients.

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