Seismic Data Processing Services

Eskaton Seismic offers complete processing solutions for onshore seismic data. We focus on differentiating ourselves through our cutting edge processing techniques and providing the best services and products to our clients. We pride ourselves on consistency of communication throughout the project - you need to know what is going on, not just having your data disappear into the unknown caverns of a large processing center!

We provide:

  • Fracture Scattering Analysis (FSA) - Finds fractures without the need for wide azimuth 3D data, so your wells are optimally positioned

  • SuperFreeq - Our superwhitening program helps you see the high frequency detail for thin bed prospecting

  • 5DI to infill your missing data for a superior interpretation volume

  • Dip-Enhance - Finds the signal in noisy, dipping environments so you can find your prospects

  • SCORE prestack noise reduction for improved interpretation volumes

  • Multeliminator to tamp down those pesky multiples & increase the signal quality

  • AVO Processing - Includes our very own EFF (Enhanced Fluid Factor) & See2-3 ("see-two-three") AVO volumes that highlight subtle anomalies

  • Pre-Stack Time Migration - Up to four different algorithms to tailor the solution to your imaging needs

  • Processing 2D and 3D Onshore Data with Landmark's ProMAX/SeisSpace

  • Refraction Statics using XtremeGeo's Flatirons software

  • Cost effective & timely turn-around so as not to delay your drilling decisions!

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